Tuesday 22nd of February

Good morning folks, I hope you are all well!

Really enjoy digging into the LTF and trying to build something & improving my forecasting on those scales. Anyway, I’ll share a screenshot of what I’m talking about at the end of this post.

Trade Update:


The scale in stop loss was trailed below the most recent low – we then saw the price break back into that area. No issues with it, happy I executed this trade the way I did.

Looking back I am glad I didn’t execute the second 4hour trade however I’m glad to have executed the scale in. I believe that in the future that is a great idea.

FX Watchlist










Breaking down the LTF

These are hindsight trades. I’m still developing on this. Think I’ll take till the end of the month and then start paper trading it and then after a month see where to go

Take care folks

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