Wednesday 16th of February

Good morning folks, I hope you all feel better than I do today, not feeling too great I’ll be the first to admit that.

Trade Update


I executed a 1hour scale in trade on EUR/GBP, however, the position only got executed on my personal account, my investor account had a problem with margin requirements due to the GBP/CHF position at the time I imagine (I have a high margin requirement to trade CHF piars).

I wasn’t warned about it so I’m rather disappointed in that failed execution & having no notification about it.


I got stopped out from my 4hour scale in position on GBP/CHF – ll in all GBP/CHF doesn’t like me, it stopped blocked my order on EUR/GBP and ended up being a loss (even tho it was only 25% of my usual R it’s rather frustrating.

FX Watchlist

Ah tricked you. There’s none.

No pairs suit my fancy for today or even tomorrow if I am to be entirely honest.

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