Monday 14th of February

Good morning folks! How are you guys doing? Had a fun weekend I hope?

Went on a fantastic hike, but I kinda caught a cold. Tee-shirt weather is maybe not a thing in February? Especially in the shade at altitude & facing the wind. Oh well 🙂

FX Watchlist


Euro Pound is the “most exciting” one I have on my watchlist for today, we’re close to an area of demand, let’s see if we can break slightly lower into the zone and then reverse.

I guess only time will say.

On that note it’s something I want to try out. Seeing if we can “front run” those areas.

That being said, I’ve lost my tradingview layout, so hoping to get it back before doing more in-depth testing


I’m looking at this Euro Kiwi for a potential long, however I do prefer the second zone not the one where we’re close to.


Remains a bit further out but let’s mention it anyway

Tweet of the day

And since it’s been a long time since I last shared a tweet, here’s a thread that’s worth going through

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