Friday 11th of February

Good morning folks!

I came to realize I had titled yesterday post “Thursday 10th of January”, I believe it’s a sign I need to start posting these daily watchlists a tad later once I’m fully awake!

Anyway, let’s dive into the interesting stuff

Trade Update


As you probably recall I am not allowed to trade my normal size on my investor account on Swiss pairs, however, I took both positions with my normal risk on my personal account.

I took the original entry as well as a one-hour scale in. We reached a zone where supply was previously created therefore I was looking to use that zone for a potential short. We also had a clear weekly stack going with it.

On the 4hour we saw a succession of higher lows but no higher highs, a break above that area of “resistance” to reach our area of supply and then a reversal.

We also saw a clear ascending wedge with three rejections. All in all, I thought it was quite a pretty 4hour chart

In terms of my hourly scale in, I just followed my mechanical approach.

Let’s see how it plays out.

FX Watchlist


Is gone, no longer going to be on my watchlist


Sadly didn’t reach our weekly stack to give us an entry



That’s it for today! Keeping the rest for Monday!

Take care folks!

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