Tuesday 8th of February

Good morning folks!

I got told off by my girlfriend yesterday for not posting a photo of the hike we went on this weekend.

So in order to be in the good books, here’s a photo of me and my close friend, The Rock.

Trust me, it was bloody heavy to carry up the mountain.

Anyway, now that I’m in the clear, time to get serious.

Trade Update

Figured I should let people know that I’m still in my NZD/CHF long, the carry is paying me a bit every single day, so I won’t complain that it’s taking quite a lot of time.

We’ve recently broken the 50EMA and are currently holding above it at my delight. Let’s hope it now starts heading towards my TP.

FX Watchlist






(No longer interested in this zone, I’m looking at the one above it & at the low now


I’m keeping my eyes on a few others but as you can probably guess, they’re not really close to anything I like or likely to take place in the next day or two so keeping them on the side.

Take care!

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