Monday 7th of February

Good morning folks,

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I’ll admit that I did, we went to visit the “Calanques de L’esterelle” and it was gorgeous!

Anyway, time to dive into the watchlist

FX Watchlist


I’m interested in both directions, I believe the short is a lot more likely to happen so let’s see and execute and whatever is offered to us if it fits our criteria


Liking this set-up, the price movement has been so quick to the upside that I wouldn’t be surprised to see a small pullback take place once we reach the area of supply I was keeping my eyes on


While this is more of a phase line zone than a trend line break it was the most recent high and saw a strong move from this area, so let’s keep our eyes on it


I’m not surprised some people will want to debate this “trend line” it’s definitely more of a structure line, however, it’s definitely an important area, that being said we’ve seen so much sideways price action that I’m not really keen on taking a short here, I’d want to see a sort of M formation


Pound Swiss is on my watch for this week, we’re approaching an area of supply I’ll be eyeing up for a potential short. Not putting any pressure on it to happen but it’s always nice to be ready when / if the opportunity presents itself


While I’ll be the first to say that this ascending trendline isn’t the prettiest I’ve ever seen since there’s no structure it remains valid, so once again, I’m keeping my eyes open for this one to take place


Let’s be patient on this one, still got room to move

Take care friends!

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