Thursday 27th of January

Good morning folks, I hope you’re all well.

I come with sad news today, I’m out of my two scale ins on NZD/CHF (I took another scale in yesterday)

Trade Update


As you know I was already running one scale in executed on the hourly chart. Yesterday there was the opportunity to execute a second scale in based on my 4hour chart. Which I did.

Once I was in the two positions it didn’t take long for me to move my stop to breakeven for the original trade to reduce my risk (and because I was following my rules).

This leaves me with a -1R when two positions are now off the table.

I remain in the original position with my full exposure.


While talking about trades, let me recall you that I am also long in AUD/CAD, which is looking dire at the moment. Let us be patient and see if there is a reversal. It wouldn’t be the first time we would see a position behaving like this reach its profit target

FX Watchlist


More or less removed from my watchlist after all this development. Glad I stuck to my guns and stayed away from the first entry




Long time no see on this watchlist 🙂 Looks good to me tho, let’s see what happens


Let’s go get it folks!

Take care & keep working.

As always I’m always open to new ideas you may have in terms of improving a strategy

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