Monday 24th of January

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well and had an amazing weekend!

I went to San Remo in Italy, I really enjoyed it! Nice place & good laughs, what else can you ask for 🙂

San Remo marina at sunset


Here’s the watchlist for today

FX Watchlist


While we did see a script signal on Friday, it wasn’t valid according to my rules since the price action was too “slanted” for my liking. You can notice that the price action leading up to the entry wasn’t the most decisive.

I know you can also argue that is actually was forming a lovely ascending channel, I won’t disagree with that statement

If we were to see a double top & a type of M formation I’d execute the short


We are once again approaching this area of interest, we’ve seen it form a sort of wall for the last few moves lower so let’s see if the bids take control of the price action if we reach it


I’m still looking for a slight move higher into a short


We’re approaching the area of interest on Pound Canadian, I’m just being patient, waiting to see price reach it – it also aligns with the 0.618 fib which is always nice to see


Kiwi Swiss is approaching/hovering above a daily area of demand, however the weekly stack is slightly lower (the red line) so I’m waiting for the price to reach the red line before executing a long position here

Take care!

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