Thursday 20th of January

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Trade Update

I remain in my long position on AUD/CAD, but so far no scale in opportunity have presented themselves. If we have no scale in but price reached the profit target anyway, I’ll still be happy 🙂 If it doesn’t I’ll still be happy because I took the right decision based on my plan

With that said it’s time for my

FX Watchlist


Looking for a move into the area of demand before playing a potential short. While I’m not the biggest fan of taking a long and a short on a currency sometimes it happens.


Aussi Kiwi saw a very strong impulse yesterday that bought the price extremely close to an area of supply. I shall be monitoring it today to see if a reversal starts to show itself.


Just a little lower please 🙂


Looking for a long play on this one once price reaches the area of demand


While this is clearly more of a phase line than a trendline we did cover 19 days while respecting it so I am keeping a watchful eye on this pair

That’s it for today! Take care

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