Tuesday 18th of January

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well!

Before we dive into my watchlist, I just wanted to drop a message saying: Stop following gurus, stop even following me, build your own trading style, have your own trade filters, don’t rely on others to tell you what’s right and what isn’t.

You’ll rarely see anyone that’s successful in any domain asking for permission to do what they want in their “art”, they do what works with them.

Quit following people if you rely on them

Anyway, here’s my watchlist for today.

FX Watchlist


While I did remove it from my watchlist yesterday since I came to notice there was no valid weekly or monthly stack, after looking into it a bit deeper, I noticed there was a weekly imbalance just above, so as long as my entry signal closes above this red line I’ll be happy to execute a long position on this pair


We’ve now seen a daily close below the trendline that didn’t touch it making the new area of supply valid. If we have a move higher to retest it, I’ll be looking for a short in that area. Let’s wait until the river before placing our bets eh 🙂

Keep in mind that the area of demand is no longer fresh so I am not looking for longs from there


This one is borderline but let’s dive into it

We had a small correction higher which we saw a clear break of, which in turn created an area of supply.

This area of supply was then broken and we witnessed a daily close above it that didn’t touch the area. Which makes the new counter-zone valid.

There’s a weekly stack starting at the redline. If price reaches this level before giving me an entry I’ll execute a long position


This one is a lot cleaner 🙂 Looking for an extra move higher before taking a potential short if we have an entry opportunity


Another easy set-up to understand, a clear break below the trendline, a clear candle that closes without touching it, makes me interested in potential shorts once we reach this area.

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