Tuesday 11th of January

Good morning folks!

I’ll admit it did feel great sharing my watchlist & doing some backtesting from a coffee yesterday, been a while since that wasn’t a real option for me to do so let’s go 🙂

I’ve moved back to Nice, and will be staying there for the next while, it’s just a gorgeous city, and I’ll admit, I really needed to spend more time by the sea, so the move was a no-brainer!

FX Watchlist


We’re approaching the daily area of demand, let’s wait and see what happens once we reach it


Some of you may be surprised by the fact that I’m not in Euro Pound, the reason was solely on how the price had been reacting for the 24 previous hours, which is something part of my plan.

The price action had been way to flat for my taste, which made me disregard it until we see a real leg lower into the zone rather that just a wick inside.


Patiently waiting to see if the price will reach this area of supply or if it will reverse before reaching it. Nothing we can do aside from waiting, except if we want to take more aggressive scalp/ day trades- which I don’t for the moment.


Price has reached the daily level, now it’s time to see if we reach the weekly stack, I’ll be the first to admit, it sucks waiting, I’m probably one of the least patient people you know, but if that’s what my trading plan says, I stick to it. No question asked.

One question for you:

Oh and I was wondering what else would you want to see on this website?

Please leave a comment or hit me up on discord or even IG (I have a private account but you can still message me)

One stupid statement, but figured it’s probably needed:

If you see someone releasing a crypto course right now, please don’t buy it folks 😀

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