Thursday 6th of January

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well!

Let’s dive straight into our watchlist?

FX Watchlist


We are approaching the area of demand we recently created, while we still haven’t really seen a strong impulse higher I’m fine executing this trade if it gives us a valid entry (think of AUD/JPY which returned around 11R, it wasn’t the prettiest but it was valid)


As mentioned yesterday, the price started to pullback just above our area of interest, lets patiently wait to see if the price gets pushed into our area of demand and then forms an entry, there’s no point rushing it.


Remains in a clear range, I’m patiently waiting, yep, I’m feeling patient today across every pair 😀 I’m not interested in the short since there’s no HTF stack, so I’ll only be looking for a potential long from the lows.


Pound Kiwi is worth mentioning, we had a lot of sideways price action which put me off, that being said, we’ve recently seen an impulse higher, so I’m now interested once again 🙂

That’s it for FX for today (keeping 2 other pairs in my reserve to bring something new tomorrow potentially :))

That being said, if you trade the same way as I do, here’s something you can test.

Are imbalances that have less vol than the average 20 days vol valid? (Reach out through discord and I’ll send you the script I created if you want)


I’ll keep this short and just share a few interesting charts I’m keeping my eyes on, looking to add spot soon.



(That’s the 200EMA)





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