Wednesday 5th of January

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Sorry this update is “late” due to the fact I had to go out for a run this morning, the light was just fantastic. Once I got back well, I got into my normal routine and forgot about this..


FX Watchlist


Looking for a potential long here, while it’s not the prettiest daily level due to the fact we haven’t seen a clear move higher, would be nice to see one, but it’s valid!


Euro Aussie formed the double bottom I was personally looking for, now ideally we swipe the previous low and then get an entry signal.

Let’s be patient 🙂


Looking for a potential trade long, we got a valid entry signal earlier today, however, we didn’t reach the daily area, so I wasn’t willing to execute it. Waiting for price to reach the daily level.


Similar as yesterday, we’re just ranging.


Pound Kiwi formed a nice entry yesterday, I didn’t execute it since it wasn’t valid according to my system, I’m hoping to see price head higher and then form another entry. Let’s be patient.

That’s it for today!

Take care folks!

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