Thursday 23rd of December

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Yesterday was a rather fantastic day.

1- I finalized a second investor account with The5ers (I closed my AJ positions on that account)

As you can see, I nearly reached the max drawdown so I was a bit worried at one point but I kept executing my strategy and we saw the result.

So that feels great, it greatly increases my AUM since this is my second one (this was for a 80k account when the previous evaluation was for a 40k (that I then doubled)

P.S. the link I used is a referral link, I have no idea if it offers you benefits or what it offers me but since it exists I decided to use it! One day I’ll have to monetize this website one way or another ahah

2- I recently increased the monetary value on my personal account by transferring a large chunk of my net worth in it. This made me uncomfortable seeing a trade run 6R (the scale in on AJ) so I manually closed it. I couldn’t fathom seeing that value go back to BE so I decided to take the loss.

I think you need to accept that it will take time for you to be comfortable with the monetary values when you increase your account size.

Even tho I’m used to seeing quite large P&L swings on my investor account it’s different when it’s your money on the line

3- I’m taking the next week off from this blog, so this watchlist is going to be quite a big one to cover all the bases of trades I could be taking

Trade Update


I remain long on this trade on my investor account as well as my personal account (I only closed the scale in).

All my stops are at BE, but let’s see if we can keep pushing the price higher


I also remain long in Gold, my stop is now at breakeven since I dislike the range

FX Watchlist


Aussie Canadian is approaching the area of supply which is something I’ll be keeping my eyes on, we have a weekly stack.


Euro Aussie is approaching an area of demand with clear weekly stack.


Euro Swiss will be on my watch for a while – waiting for a clear bullish daily candle away from the descending trend line


Euro Dollar is ranging, if we see one more bullish day I’ll be interested in long opportunities from the low


I’ll be looking at both shorts and longs for this one


Dollar Yen remains on my watch for a potential short

More iffy watch








I’ll try to be faster here, it’s less of my expertise.


I remain long on this pair, my stop is at BE, I’m still expecting the range to break higher but wouldn’t be too surprised to see a sweep of the low before we head lower


Here’s my chart, we are currently sweeping the low below the recent small range so either we’ll see another leg higher OR a leg lower. Yes I know people prefer knowing which direction I’m looking at but let’s be honest, I only execute a trade when I see an edge and I then am willing to switch bias very quickly


Looking for a potential long play here

Keeping it short for today! Yesterday was in depth!

Happy holidays folks! Enjoy the time off!

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