Wednesday 22nd of December

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well!

I remain long in my AUD/JPY positions (my two positions) as well as my SOLUSD & SOLBTC.

Anyway, let’s have a look at my watchlist since I have no closed trades to mention.

FX Watchlist


Aussie Canadian remains on my watchlist, we’re approaching towards the area of supply, let’s see if it reaches it. We’ll have a clear weekly stack once we reach that level so it’s worth keeping our eyes on.

That being said, it remains quite far away


I’m mentioning Euro Swiss since I’m not sure when I’ll be taking a break so it’s worth mentioning, We may see a breakout of this descending trend (it’s currently ranging) so let’s be patient, I’d like to see two more bullish days.


Just a quick sneak peek of E/U but let’s wait to see where the price goes, the demand zone isn’t valid yet until we’ve broken and clearly moved away from the phase line


Waiting for an additional bullish day closing above the descending trend line


Slowly grinding back higher to the area of supply. Let’s see what happens once we reach it

Crypto watchlist


We’ve reached the more recent range highs, that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a leg higher to the recent high / 2D FVG.

We’ve just broken out of the descending channel, but let’s see how things go, we could see a pullback to the upper descending channel / the EQ of the smaller range

I’m keeping my options open as you can see, I can see both a long and a short play. Let’s wait for a signal and execute it.


This is looking a bit better, we’ve made a higher low, let’s see if we clearly break higher and start a bullish trend again. We’ve broken above the 4k wall which is good. I remain quite hesitant with this map.


Solana remains in the range, if we break above the equal highs and have a clear correction there I’ll be looking to add to my long position.

Once again, I entered into this trade to early, but quite happy with it.

That being said it’s interesting to note, we’re approaching the range high, so we could see another leg lower to get more liquidity. My stop is at BE.


Worth looking into this chart, if we break this recent high the 4hour trend will be turning bullish, let’s see what happens. We’re bouncing from an area of demand on the daily chart which is great.

Let’s wait for a confirmation on the 4hour before looking for a long trade.


We’ve reached the previous lows (a wick reached lower but I think the supply was found at this level.

The 4hour trend is breaking higher (we’ve just broken the previous high), so I’ll be looking for a position to take a long here.

At the moment I’m interested to enter a long around 25, please note this isn’t a trade I’m in.


Worth keeping an eye out on this, it’s been a long time that we’ve been in a bearish market.

We’ve reached a clear weekly area of demand, so let’s see what happens here.

Anyway, those are the main charts I’m looking at.


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