Monday 20th of December

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well and had an enjoyable weekend!

Got the opportunity to see a few friends and get started on some poker content so I’m happy, was a good weekend 🙂

Oh that makes me think, for those that are interested I’m going to be “teaching” how to play poker (I believe), well that is, I’ll be creating content of me explaining poker while I move along with it.

I think it’s one of the best ways to learn so might as well!

If you’re interested (for free) message me!

That being said,

FX Watchlist


As mentioned on Friday I’m looking for a potential trade for a long here, we saw a clear break of a trend line, two closes above it, one candle that didn’t touch it, so I was looking for a potential long.

I’ve adjusted the zone to the weekly stack, which we’ve reached, and we’re seeing a retest of the trendline so it’s quite interesting.


I’m eyeing up US Oil for a potential long, we’ve more or less broken out of a descending trendline, it definitely wasn’t the cleanest set-up, however it remains a potential play. The weekly stack is gorgeous.

We’ve also broken the downward trend on the 4hour (break of the previous high) so I’m quite liking it


We’ve seen a break to the upside, however, we haven’t really broken above the high of the correction so I’m being quite hesitant. I know that on average the seasonality of gold is bullish, but it usually starts with the Asian markets and we haven’t noticed any real pumps from there.

That being said, we could also draw the recent price action as a descending action. All in all, I’m quite happy with the set-up, let’s see if I get an entry.


Closed my leveraged positions this Sunday, I was expecting ti see sine bearish price action to close the gap on the weekend, so ensuring I took some small profits rather than hold on for dear life.

I’ve also noticed (after a tweet from RektProof) that Monday isn’t a great day to trade crypto, so I’m more than willing to wait for the chart low & high to be clear before I act on anything.

I’m glad I closed those positions (aside from SOL/BTC) for a small profit otherwise they’d be losses.


If I was to share one chart for BTC, this would probably be it.

I’d be surprised if we saw more upside than the recent high / up to the second horizontal line. It’s likely that we’ll see the price reach the wick low (and even lower to get some liquidity from the stops)

Seeing a break of this descending range shouldn’t be a surprise, but it probably won’t indicate a huge surge higher.


Not the biggest fan of ETH chart so I’m not looking for a trade there. My bias is short


Quite liking this chart, we’ve broken higher, no longer in a bearish trend, we’ve reached the daily supply it bounced, all in all, I’m happy with it.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a push higher into the FVG or grab liquidity above the equal highs.

This trade is extremely low risk.

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