Monday 29th of November

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well and enjoyed your weekend!

Decided to start digging deeper into the poker world this week, so got started on a course.

Anyway, this isn’t for poker (yet!)

Trade Update


I entered AUD/CHF this am, a bit late due to the fact I woke up for the 7am close, but that only provided me a better entry so all is well. I am only in the 4hour entry, I was 1 pip away from the entry on the 1hour scale in

FX Watchlist


I’ll admit, I am not loving the quantity of time we’ve spent going sideways, but I keep it on my watchlist anyway!


Looking for price to reach the small dotted line on the daily chart before taking an entry, while I do see a potentially monthly stack at this current level, I would strongly prefer to see the price reach lower before taking my positions


Keeping my eyes out on this one, the daily area remains very clear for me


Keeping in mind the seasonality of gold:

Gold and Silver Seasonality - ready for a seasonal pop?

I shall be looking to enter a long position whenever we get an opportunity to do so.

That being said, we may see the price the area of supply before reversing, but only time willtell!

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