Thursday 11th of November

Good morning folks!

I hope everyone is doing well! I’m currently working on three projects at the same time so rather freaking busy as you can probably imagine!

1- Going through Photon Trading course ( which I am really enjoying, even tho he uses it to grab smaller entries on lower timeframes the ideas are applicable on every single one of them

2- Going through every single RektProof trade and trying to understand them: The guy turned 500$ into 300,000$ if not more, he shares a lot of trades / charts on twitter (

3- Testing new things with my current trading style to see if I can improve the returns. All in all I’m freaking busy ahaha

All that to say, I’m going to keep these short for the time being so I can bring even more value later on.

FX Watchlist


Up until this hour it looked like we could potentially get an entry here at the next close, but it appears we’ve turned bearish once again, oh well.


Will only look for an entry if we form a M formation


Approaching but still hovering above the area of supply – once again, it’s kinda not valid on the daily but it’s too gorgeous to ignore in my book


I’m liking this counter zone so keeping my eyes open, we have a clear monthly stack, however, we also do have a weekly imbalance just above the area of supply so ideally we’d reach it before giving me an entry? Please / Pretty ❤

Have a great one folks


In terms of what I am holding I am still long SOL, ETH, BTC, AVAX, WOO, KDA and FLUX

I have however removed 75% of my KDA holdings and FLUX

I had entered KDA around 6$ I got out around 23$ (I did take some profits on the way up)

We haven’t seen a real daily pullback there, while I love the idea, their ecosystem remains extremely small so I’m expecting to be able to re-enter at a lower price

FLUX also did a 3x so I removed the large majority of my holdings. It had been a smaller bet.

WOO broke out of its daily correction, had you entered the trade and took a quick exit at the top of range you’d have made 20% spot – it’s now running around 35% profit. I’d be surprised if the price doesn’t go 2x or 3x from here, we’ve seen accumulation, it appears that there are a lot of long term holders and the project is great having talked to the team and using the platform I recommend

ETH gave an amazing entry yesterday but I decided not to execute it with leverage, instead I’m happy holding my spot exposure but didn’t want to have too much leverage at these levels. The market gets spooked extremely easy. ETH BTC does look great tho.

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