Thursday 4th of November

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well! Sorry I didn’t upload yesterday, I’ll have to admit writing this post takes more time than it is worth most days so the motivation is quite low.

Anyway, I am still short on CAD/CHF & EUR/JPY as well as my long on EUR/NZD.


FX Watchlist








Important to note that this one isn’t valid as per my trading plan due to the fact that there are 7 imbalances here. However, the set-up is extremely clear in my eyes so I may be persuaded.

Crypto backtest

I recently started testing a breakout strategy on crypto, so far the results are very good however 2021 provided smaller returns, I am wondering if that’s not linked to the fact that more institutional money joined the game?

If you want to guess what I’m testing here are a few trades

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