Monday November 1st

Good morning! First day of the month, pinch punch, black and white rabbits and no returns or whatever I’m supposed to say!

I hope you’re all well, enjoyed your weekend and are ready for an amazing month!

Let’s have a look at my watchlist

FX Watchlist


Keeping my eyes out on this Euro Kiwi, we’ve recently reached the area of interest, it has a nice weekly stack as well. The main dislike I have is that this entire recent move lower was basically one candle, otherwise, we’ve been correcting for a while.


Dollar Yen remains on my watchlist, we’re forming a nice curve, let’s see how it shapes up. Let’s see how things move from now on.

That’s it for today.

Over the weekend I was going through some of Qullamaggie content, a phenomenal trader (equities not FX) I would recommend watching it!

Also, I will repeat when it comes to crypto, I am holding / increasing my exposure to SOL, KDA, BTC, ETH.

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