Monday 25th of October

Good morniiiinnnggg!

Hope you’re well, I’m back in France!

One thing is for sure, I do not recommend overnight flights when you have to wear a mask, I didn’t sleep for a single second on my trip back to France, so it’s been quite hard as you can probably imagine!

Trade Update


The Fivers asked me to close my CHF positions in order to reduce their overall risk across the Swiss franc due to messages their central bank have shared recently (about their willingness to move the market. I remain in the position on my personal account.

FX Watchlist


Euro Kiwi is on my watch for this week, just a question of patience now


Euro Pound is on my watchlist for a potential long plau


Pound New Zeland has spent too much time going sideways within this area so I’m no longer interested in this position


Dollar Yen still hasn’t reached the area I am interested in for a potential short so it remains on my watchlist

That’s it for today folks! Have a great one

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