Wednesday 20th of October

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Sorry this is late, once again I feel into a crypto related rabbit hole. The last 2hours flew by without me noticing it.

2 Trade Update:


I took a long scale in opportunity on Euro Swiss on my personal account, sadly I wasn’t able to execute it on my 5ers account due to their risk management

For those interested in reading the doc: here’s the doc they mention


As mentioned yesterday, we reached the area of interest, there’s a clear weekly stack, and the daily level is clear.

The main hesitation was due to the slanted price action, for me the price action was good enough to warrant taking the trade, however it is extremely bored line. Sadly I have no fixed rule to define what is too slanted, it remains discretionary.

Let’s see what happens. I am now positioned in a rather strange mix that are usually positive correlation but I am “betting” against that correlation. Ugh


Time for the watchlist





That’s it folks!

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