Tuesday 19th of October

Good morning folks! Hope you’re well! Was lucky, I got to meet Romain, a guy that’s been following ym amazing good looks for ages.

Wait what, oh true he reads this blog post so I’ll be nice and say he’s a great guy 🙂

FX Watchlist


Euro Yen is approaching an area of supply, getting close to the previous high, reached a weekly stack, and is in need for a potential breather knowing how strong the momentum has been recently. Time will tell if we reach the area of interest but if we do, and an entry presents itself I’ll be more than happy to execute it!


Pound Kiwi is also on my watch, we’ve recently witnessed a clear correction after an impulse lower, it’ll be interesting to see if there’s enough momentum for a reversal.

Let’s see what happens once we reach this counter-zone, there’s a clear weekly stack for a long so let’s be patient and see if there’s some action form here onwards


Kiwi Yen reached an area of supply that’s rather interesting to me, while it does have a clear weekly stack we’ve also seen an extremely strong move higher which is probably going to need to cool down and correct. Will we see an entry? I do not know but it’s possible so let’s remain focused


This area is quite interesting, we could say it’s still fresh but we could also argue that there’s some opportunity for a short, the area appears to be extremely strong on the weekly chart.

That being said, it may have been already been tested a while back.

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