Thursday 14th of October

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well

Trade Update -1R


No regrets executing this trade, I have to admit it wasn’t the cleanest entry due to the small candle size but it remained valid to me

FX Watchlist

EUR/CHF long

It reached a different zone hence why I’m interested in it.

CAD/CHF short

Clear opportunity for an M formation


Approaching the second area of interest, let’s see what happens


Let’s see what happens because we’re about to break out


Euro Pound reached the area of demand and broke a little lower, searching for new orders.


Euro Yen reached an area of supply, let’s see how it goes from there


Interesting area, we’ve broken outside of, if we don’t get an entry soon it’ll be interesting


Clear area of interest but a lot of bullish momentum


Interesting area, not necessarily the best

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