Tuesday 12th of October

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well!

Let’s dive into the watchlist


Aussie Kiwi remains interesting on my watch, you may notice that the daily is a bit weird, that’s because I have adjusted the area of supply to the monthly imbalance


Canadian Swiss looks lovely on my daily chart, there’s a clear area of supply, a clear weekly stack, so let’s see what happens, it does


Swiss Yen is also on my watch, for a potential short the weekly stack is gorgeous, there is a clear need for a


Euro Pound reached the area of demand, I didn’t take the trade from yesterday, instead I waited, for me the price action wasn’t attractive enough to justify taking aposition


Euro Yen is a bit further away from the area of supply than most other pairs are, but it’s worth noting in case I forget 🙂


Pound Yen, the daily area is slightly off the daily in order to adjust with the higher time frame stack


Dollar Yen looks great and could do with a pullback, so let’s be patient, if we get a clear area of reversal, I’ll definitely be very keen to act on it

That’s it for today folks!

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