Monday 11th of October

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well and had an amazing weekend – happy thanksgiving for all the Canadians out there! Had a great feast yesterday to celebrate good memories 🙂

Anyway, enough talk, let’s dive into what we’re here for

FX Watchlist


Canadian Swiss is on my watch for an area of supply slightly above the area of interest


Canadian Yen remains on my watch for a short as well, we are definitely in need of a clear pullback at a certain moment, so let’s hope we get to bank on it


Euro Pound is an interesting set-up, while I really love the daily and weekly, however the four hour isn’t the prettiest, it’s showing a lot of sideways price action recently, it’s not the cleanest M formation either so I’m a bit iffy in my boots here I’ll admit.

That being said, if it fits my plan, it’s easy to pull the trigger


Pound Yen is interesting for a short as well, there’s a clear weekly

Let’s see what happens today!

Have a great one folks!

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