Wednesday 6th of October

Good morning folks! Hope you’re well!

Let’s dive straight into my watchlist and cut the story short for once 🙂

FX Watchlist


Canadian Yen just showed a strong rejection of an area of supply so it’ll be interesting to see what happens purely by curiosity since sadly it didn’t provide us with a script entry so I remain on the sidelines.


Euro Swiss has reached the area of demand – I am waiting to see a clear long opportunity to execute it


While I had missed this zone previously it’s worth keeping our eyes on it, we may get a long opportunity, who knows 🙂

One of the reasons EU is so interesting to me is also based on how the DXY looks – it has reached a monthly area of supply, a monthly 50EMA, and the daily shows quite an interesting chart (the zone I have drawn isn’t valid per our rules but it remains quite visible)


Pound Canadian is the last pair I am watching for a potential opportunity today, but the longer we spend here the less interested I become

Have a great one folks

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