Monday 4th of October

Good morning fellas! I hope you’re well and had an enjoyable weekend!

Sorry I didn’t update you on Friday but nothing happened, I was just swamped with things (helping move / empty a deceased friends apartment) so decided to cut this out since missing a day of my watchlist isn’t too important!

Daily Watchlist


Aussie Kiwi broke out of a descending trend line – the area of interest is at the breakout – however we’ll be patient and see if we get an entry later this week


Aussie Dollar is moving away from the area of demand, but let’s be patient, we may see a reversal over this week after all, there’s time


Pound Canadian is interesting, we’re in an area of demand, let’s see what’s going to happen – if there’s a clear double bottom or a break lower… It’ll be interesting to see 🙂


Euro Swiss is interesting, we’re approaching the area of demand, the weekly stack is gorgeous, all in all this is the pair I’m looking for a trade today or tomorrow 🙂


Dollar Swiss is interesting but we have to see a confirmed breakout

All in all, we have to be patient!

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