Wednesday 22nd of September

Good morning folks!

Two announcements:

1- This time zone sucks for my trading, a trade happened at 1am again…

2- Aeropress does quite nice coffee! Glad I got a machine! Now just need to buy tasty coffee grind, well even the cheap one tastes nice so I can’t imagine with a proper one

That’s it for life updates 🙂

Trade Update

EUR/JPY long

This trade is the reason I hate this time zone, entries at 1am aren’t a thing for me, I believe I’ll need to start putting on alarm clocks moving forward. I was sleeping at the time of entry, which gave me two options this morning when I saw it. Price was around 7 pips higher than the original entry which reduced the R;R to 2.66:1 rather than having 3:1.

Knowing that I decided to execute at the market price for my personal account however, I decided that for my investor account I will wait for the price to reach the original entry level before executing. I placed my order at that level

Let’s see what happens. I personally do not want to get in the habit of executing when the price is has already moved by +0.1R since it does mess with my risk profile and expected returns.

FX Watchlist


Aussie Yen remains on my watchlist, let’s see if we reach the area of demand or not


We’re now forming a triple top on the 4hour chart, which is nice, I’m guessing there’s some liquidity higher which shall lead the price into our area of supply. Let’s be patient but ready to execute when the time is right


Pound Dollar has already reached the area of interest, so now it’s just a question of patience


Dollar Canadian is also interesting, however I’d prefer if the chart cleaned up a bit and reached higher highs before giving me an entry

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