Tuesday 21st of September

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well!

I decided to give in, after spending a fair amount of time wandering the streets looking for an open coffee shop at 8:30 and not finding one I decided to get myself an Aeropress, I’ve heard great things about it, so fingers crossed!

I hope it’s as good as they say!

Oh you’re not here to hear about my coffee adventures, that’s true, my bad!

Trade Update: EUR/AUD +3R

Euro Aussie reached my TP a couple of minutes ago for the full +3R, however I’ll admit that on my personal account I closed the original for +2.8R yesterday once it started to retrace having been 1 pip away from my profit target, but I had decided to leave the trade open on my 5ers accounts.

Glad I took this trade. I didn’t miss a 1hour scale in, the 4hour scale in opportunity came in very late and had only a small R:R to the orginal TP so I decided against it and I stand with that choice.

Anyway, enough talk about past trade, you probably want to know what I’m looking at rather than what I did in the past.

FX Watchlist


Aussie Yen is approaching an area of interest, we’re seeing quite a strong descending trend, however that fits me just fine, the area of demand appears to be interesting and there’s a clear area of interest with a clear weekly stack


Euro Pound is also on my watch, it’s been moving sideways for quite a long time let’s be honest but hey, worth it I guess


Euro Yen is forming a clear double bottom, the area of demand is clear, let’s see what happens. Knowing the SPX is currently showing weakness it’ll be interesting if we see more money flow into the Yen or if we get a reversal and the SPX goes higher. Time will tell, but I find it fascinating to link everything together.


Pound Dollar is also interesting for a potential long we’re seeing quite a lot of impulsive movement but hey, that can be a good sign!


Dollar Canadian is doing more or less the opposite of GBP/USD (which kinda makes sense) however we’re already inside the area of supply so let’s see what we get!

Sorry folks, I realised I forgot to upload this

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