Tuesday 14th of September

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Just got back from a nice little run up a park / hill in the middle of the city (Mont Royal) and I’ll admit, the view is rather nice from the top! I’ve missed this city!

That being said, something I haven’t missed is this time zone for taking trades. Being brilliant I put an alarm clock at 1am to take a trade on CHF/JPY.

Turns out when I woke up I forgot to press buy, it had be sized and the stop location had been clearly stated just didn’t press the buy button…. I’m useless between midnight and 6am ahah

Trade Update

CHF/JPY long x2

Luckily enough when I woke up I was able to notice it rather quickly so I got to take my trade with only 4 pips difference from the original entry, which is bad but still acceptable so I pulled the trigger late. I did however keep the original stop sizing and target.

I also took a long “scale in” on the hourly time frame.

Only con with that trade was once again it was too late. This time zone is going to be an issue if it keeps happening.

GBP/CAD Short – 2R

Not sure if I covered this yesterday but I got taken out due to the spread on my 2 positions for GBP/CAD sadly. Will be increasing the size of my stops over the weekend from now on.

  • Watchlist


I’ll keep my eyes on Euro Swiss, it may turn into a potential set-up if CHF/JPY doesn’t play out so let’s be patient and have a seat!


Euro Pound is currently moving towards an area of interest let’s see what happens once we reach it


Pound Aussie is moving back towards its recent highs which created an area of supply so let’s see what happens when we reach those levels

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