Monday 13th of September

Good morning from Canda folks! Sorry about being so late eh (I hope you took the Canadian accent while reading that)

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Before we dive into my watch, I have to come clean, I took an L on my GBP/CAD

Trade Update

GBP/CAD 1h Scale in: -1 R

Once I was in the position the price dropped into profit however it never reached the 1h 190 EMA so I didn’t get the opportunity to move my stop to BE as per my plan so I left the position open with full risk to see it reverse and tag me out.

It’s part of the market sadly

FX Watchlist


Canadian Yen is on my watch for this week, I rather like the current set-up even tho it wasn’t the cleanest break out of the trend line it remains kinda valid? The weekly isn’t the prettiest but also remains kinda valid. I’m not too sure why I like this set-up but I do 🙂


Swiss Yen is another kinda strange set-up you could say is valid but you could also argue against, but the weekly chart is a lot prettier and I’d argue the daily is as well, so I by far prefer this one to Canadian Yen


Euro Swiss is definitely a lot more valid so I’m keeping my eyes on that ond, it will be a similar play to Swiss Yen anyway, so let’s be patient and see

Let’s see what kind of opportunities we get over this week!

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