Friday 10th of September

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

I’ll admit, I actually wrote Vendredi rather than Friday, shit I must be thinking in French these days and I’m flying out to Canada tomorrow…

Which also means expect these daily watchlist at a different time! Unsure if I’ll do them in the am or pm.

With that said, I took 2 trades so I have to talk about them

Trade Update

GBP/CAD Short x2

While I did mention that I wasn’t the biggest fan of Pound Canadian in my watchlist I did end up executing it due to the clarity of the move, we had a strong impulsive leg higher followed by a clear reversal on the 4hour which gave me a valid script entry.

Once I took the 4hour position I was then presented with the opportunity to take a 1hour scale in – which is something I did. I nearly didn’t take it due to the fact I’m not the biggest fan of this area of supply – however I decided to execute it since the R:R was clear and this is an area of supply even tho it’s not the cleanest

Anyway enough talk about what I did let’s look at the opportunity

FX Watchlist


Swiss Yen remains on my watch for a potential long play, just need to see it drop into the area of demand

This is by far the closest opportunity for today and yet it’s still far away so I’ll keep it at this, let’s see how this week closes eh!

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