Wednesday 8th of September

Good morning folks! Hope you’re well!

Sorry I took some time this morning to focus on creating some farms on the crypto side of things to improve my passive yield of my holdings. Might as well put my money to work!

I hope no one was holding leveraged position in the crypto space without any stop loss yesterday, the volume was definitely quite interesting!

Anyway, let’s have a look at my FX Watchlist

FX Watchlist


Euro Swiss is approaching an area of supply, let’s see what happens, the daily chart is rather pretty as well as the weekly. Solet’s be patient and see what happens once we reach it.


Euro Pound is interesting as well, we area approaching another area of demand, let’s be patient and see what happens as always! I do prefer E/CHF above Euro Pound I’ll admit


Pound Canadian is on my watchlist, that being said there’s a slight issue – the zone isn’t the prettiest, we haven’t really broken the trend line, on top of that it’s also a similar zone to a previous area of supply that we’ve already tapped twice which makes me a bit less excited than I traditionally would be


Pound Kiwi is also interesting but on this pair I’m actually only looking for a potential long, let’s see what the price does since there’s been a lot of sideways action for the last couple of days – will it reach our area of demand or will it reverse before hand? I have no clue

That’s it for today folks!

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