Monday 6th of September

Good morning folks! I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend! For those who enjoy watching the Formula 1 – what a race eh! Really enjoyed that track even tho there wasn’t too many overtakes

Anyway, enough talk!

Trade Update


I was late to the entry this Friday morning (I only noticed it while going through my watchlist to check I wasn’t missing anything for my daily post and it was already running in the negative so I was able to enter later but for the same sizing as I would have originally, which reduced my loss.

Even tho it ended up being a loss, I am still happy I executed the trade according to my plan! If anything, I’m sad I didn’t take it at the correct time even tho that would’ve meant a bigger loss!


Euro Aussie is a trade I took this morning after waking up (the trade took place at 3am, but no worries to be had, the price hadn’t moved)

I’m not the biggest fan of using candles that took place Sunday / Monday night for an entry signal however the daily and weekly stack is obvious so not taking this trade would’ve been wrong.

It’s all about a consistency of execution let’s not forget that, in my backtest I don’t look at which day it is so why should I care in my live trading!

You’ll probably notice I also have the daily 200EMA shown, I know I don’t usually trade with EMAs and all but spending more and more time trading crypto made me do it!

I like this trade, so let’s be patient and see how it plays out! We may even get an hourly scale in


FX Watchlist


Pound Kiwi is getting closer and closer to the area of demand so I’ll mention it early to make sure we don’t forget it!


Since we’re mentioning GN might as well mention Euro Pound

That’s it for today, I doubt they’ll provide us with an entry but at least there’s that!

I have a few more pairs on watch for the rest of the week as well!

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