Wednesday 1st of September (3 closed trades)

Good morning!! Crazy it’s already September eh!

Anyway, let’s have a look at where we stand since we’re at the beginning of the month.

Trade Update

AUD/CAD: +2.7R

I have been taken out of this position – however, I have realized only now that the R:R tool was set for 2.76R rather than 3R, not too sure how that happened, I’ll admit so it slightly screwed my R, but I won’t be complaining about 0.3R as long as it’s a winning trade 🙂

P.S. This is a trade from my private capital, not investor capital – it had been closed for BE on those accounts


As I was writing this, dollar Yen reached my TP for 3R – which I am very grateful for as you can probably imagine 🙂

Sadly, my 1hour scale in had been taken out for a loss by 3/4 pips, this would’ve been a huge trade otherwise, but let’s be happy about this 3R anyway


As I was writing about USD/JPY GJ also reached my profit target for 3R, sadly I wasn’t in the 1hour scale in due to leverage requirements, but that’s fine by me, it’s a very pretty trade and I’m glad I executed it when the opportunity showed itself

I should keep writing about my wins apparently, it attracts more of them 😀

I am still short on EUR/AUD

FX Watchlist:


Aussie Yen is approaching an area of supply I’ve been keeping my eyes on – it is also extremely close to the daily 50EMA – the weekly 50EMA is slightly below, but it’ll be interesting to see if we have a move lower, that would signal it had been respected.

Let’s be patient and see what happens here


Since I mentioned Euro Kiwi yesterday it’d be strange if I didn’t mention it today, however I’m not super keen on it due to the amount of time we’ve spent moving sideways.

We are currently breaking out of the area of demand to test the trend line – let’s see what happens but I’m definitely not too excited or expecting of this opportunity


I feel like mentioning Kiwi Yen after talking about EN makes sense so here’s a chart, enjoy 🙂

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