Monday 23rd of August

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well and had an amazing weekend

I dropped off my friends at the train station so it’s back to 100% focus but it’s not because they were here that I didn’t focus 🙂

I actually ended uptaking trades friday and today as well!

Trade Update


Pound Yen reached an area of demand last friday and gave us a script entry after a little bit of deceleration.

We’ve also been able to take a one hour Bollinger Band


Pound Dollar also gave us a valid entry at the same time as GJ – clear break of a descending trendline with a clear higher time frame as well


Euro Aussie is also worth noting we’ve just reached a clear area of supply that was created as a counter zone – it also has a clear weekly stack.

All in all, it’s a clear area of supply with a set-up so I executed

I’m now starting to get low on margin and leverage with all my trades running tho so I may not be able to take a lot more positions before closing some of these

FX Watchlist


Euro Yen is approaching an area of demand, it’s rather good looking, we’ve been in a bearish trend for quite a while so we’ll see what happens

There’s a clean weekly stack as well


Euro Swiss is rather good looking as well, we’ve been in a bearish trend and area approaching a clear potential reversal area


Euro Kiwi is also worth keeping an eye on, the area of supply is interesting and fresh, it’s a clear counter zone play, we’re currently hovering below it, we just need to wait to see a clear push into the zone and a move higher for me to be interested in it

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