Wednesday 18th of August

Good morning folks!

I hope you’re well – life has been rather busy these last few days with the markets moving so much so let’s have a look at trades I took and are closed

Trade Update

EUR/USD 4h scale in: -1R

USD/JPY 1H scale in: -1R

Sadly losses are part of this business, we will always incur them.

Anyway, enough talk let’s have a look at my watchlist

FX Watchlist


Aussie Canadian is interesting – we’re now seeing a double bottom in an area of demand so let’s see how the price reacts


Aussie Swiss just reached an area of demand – let’s see if we can get one more push into the zone


Will only be interested in it if we make a new low before having an entry signal


I’m mentioning Euro Aussie however it’s unlikely I shall take a trade on it now


We’re approaching the area of demand


Euro Kiwi reached the area of supply yesterday on the news, however we’re pulling back, towards it, as long as the price action forms an M I’ll be happy to take it


Let’s see if we push into it


Let’s be honest this is the most important one:

Whatever happens on the DXY will give us the direction for the next month or so – we’re currently stuck in a triangle formation with an area of supply above it, so let’s be careful

I think that’s it for today folks!

Have a great one

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