Tuesday 17th of August

Good morning folks!

Rather a busy morning / last 24 hours for me!

I’m not too sure what I updated you on yesterday so let’s do a recap of my positions:

Trade Updates:

EUR/USD Long x2

I am in two positions in Euro Dollar, my original entry and a four hour scale in rather looking forward to seeing a push higher if possible! The scale in was taken after

AUD/NZD Long x1

I am also in a long position on Aussie Kiwi – I’ll be looking to place a scale in soon enough! Haven’t placed on yet since the high keeps evolving so I’d have to adjust it quite a lot

USD/JPY Long x2 (well only 1 now)

We saw the price reach the area of demand, correct for a while and then give us a script entry for a long opportunity – there also was the opportunity to enter a 1h scale in which I did however sadly that position has been tagged out and I am no long in it.

Yes this position was basically a bet against my EURUSD but that’s okay, it was valid and I don’t look at correlation in my backtest

All that + some crypto trades that I won’t be sharing on this website for now, all in all this is the busiest we’ve been in a long time in the market!

Anyway, let’s talk about my super big watchlist?

FX Watchlist

This one is going to be a chart dump guys it’s too big otherwise so let’s go!











That’s it for today folks!

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