Monday 16th of August

Good morning folks! I hope you had an amazing weekend!

I got to go and pick up on of my closest friends yesterday and had a really really really nice barbeque – with a fair amount of booze, well, let’s put it this way, I am definitely not excited to go running now because my head throbs 🙂

Anyway, let’s have a look at our watch>

FX Watchlist


Let’s start with Aussie Kiwi, it’s actually rather interesting at the moment in my eyes! We were able to break lower from where the price stagnated for a while which enables me to look for a trade now.

As previously mentioned this pair has a lovely weekly stack as well so I’ll be executing this trade when the time comes!


While Swiss Yen is definitely less sexy or at least on the daily chart than AUD/NZD I believe we can keep our eyes on it as well and see what happens.

There’s a clear weekly stack, the only drawback is that the daily zone isn’t the prettiest but, hey why not :0


Euro Aussie is also worth mentioning I guess? We are approaching an area of supply that’s rather clear to my eyes the only drawback is that this is more of a phase line break than a trend line break – we actually still haven’t reached the lower trend line oh and the weekly stack is definitely there for us so we might as well play it 🙂


Dollar Yen is worth mentioning, we may even get an entry today so I’m keeping my eyes wide open!

While I will admit I’d prefer to take a short on this set-up there remains a lot of opportunity for us – we can even play a potential move higher from here.

The price is decelerating and has reached the weekly stack, so let’s wait and be patient

Those are the only pairs I’m really eyeing up for today! A lot of pairs are nicely shaping up so let’s be patient and execute when the time is right!

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