Friday 13th of August

Good morning folks! Hope you had an amazing week and have fun things lined up for the weekend!

Going to go to horse races this Sunday and picking up one of my favorite person as well so I’m rather excited for next week!

That being said, let’s have a look at our watchlist for today, see if there’s any potential – I’ll be honest I highly doubt we’ll see an entry today!

FX Watchlist


Aussie Canadian as mentioned previously remains on my watch, we reached the area of interest but we the saw the price move higher, however we didn’t fully complete the zone so I just want to keep my eyes on it in case we have a proper pullback into the zone for an entry


Aussie Kiwi is quite interesting as well, we’ve basically been hovering above / in the area of demand, however there’s still some room for it to go lower and trigger more orders so I’m keeping it on my watch for a potential play later on.

Those are the only two pairs that could potentially (and if they do I’d be surprised) give us an entry today

Enjoy your weekend folks!

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