Thursday 12th of August

Good morning folks! Had an amazing day yesterday with an early getaway at a friends place, was really relaxing to enjoy the summer with friends recently.

That being said, I was still active don’t you worry 🙂

Trade Update: EUR/USD

I took a long on EUR/USD yesterday here was the trade:

The daily gave us an extremely clear set-up in my views and we had a gorgeous higher time frame stack. On the 4hour side of things price action was clean, and we got a valid trade entry which I executed without hesitation.

All in all glad with this set-up, let’s see what happens now

Anyway, let’s have a look at the watchlist for today

FX Watchlist


Aussie Canadian remains on my watch for this week, I’m interested in seeing a double bottom or the price drop a fair amount lower.

Just being patient


Aussie Kiwi is worth mentioning, we are hovering above the area of demand, we even reached it, however we haven’t seen a valid entry so far. The price has been rather slow to move so in order for me to be interested in it, we’ll have to see the price drop lower into the zone


Dollar Yen remains interesting, we are still below the area of supply so let’s be patient


Dollar Singapore is in a similar situation, let’s be patient

Have a fantastic day folks

Oh and I’m currently watching:

So if you have any recommendations on physics I’m always keen!

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