Tuesday 10th of August

Good morning folks!!! Well that was a hectic week sorry for missing out on this blog but I decided I wanted to use all my time on more productive endeavours rather than updating this blog when my watchlist had barely changed

To keep you update with my “life” I was in Paris with friends from university, it was amazing to catch up with them, it had been three years I hadn’t seen one of them! Time flies by!

Oh and I’ll be flying to Montreal September 11thtill October 23rd, so if you’re around, definitely hit me up!

Anyway, back to the important stuff!

FX Watchlist


Aussie Kiwi is approaching, well has been hovering above an area of demand for quite a while now, sadly it still hasn’t been reached so I am waiting on the side lines for now.

The area on the daily chart is absolutely gorgeous so I am happy with this area of demand, it does have a valid higher time frame stack as well so all in all, just patiently waiting on the sidelines


Canadian Swiss is worth mentioning purely because we created a new area of demand today, we broke out of the recent mini descending trendline by having two consecutive closes above it. It’ll be interesting to see how the price reacts to the 50EMA

I won’t be trading it due to the lack of higher time frame support so far (if this week closes as a full weekly candle then that will change) but I wanted to share it:)


Euro Aussie does have a weekly stack tho so I’ll be happy to trade it if the opportunity shows itself! It recently broke a small ascending trend line in a rather clear fashion so I’m doing my best to remain aware of its current whereabouts.

I have an alert set at the beginning of the area of supply to be ready in case we get an entry over the next few days.


Euro Dollar is probably playing with us by hovering just above the area of demand as it currently is, we have a gorgeous daily area of demand quite similar to the AUD/NZD one the rice has been in a deceleration phase for quite a couple of weeks except for the last few days

So let’s see if we can trick people that are selling into this momentum and see a clear reversal from this area! Oh and the weekly chart is also gorgeous so all in all, count me in if we get a clear entry!


While Dollar Yen won’t be giving me an entry today I need to catch up for having missed two days, so just wanted to mention it! It’s rather pretty!

We’ve broken out of the ascending trendline and are moving towards the area of supply we created – at the same time if we do reach this area of supply we’ll also have created a new area of demand lower, at the beginning of this move higher.

All in all I’m happy with the higher timeframes as well so…. Yep should be a busy week if we get to see set-ups


Finally Dollar Singapore is on my watch, it’s a rather clear trend line break that could be see as a trend line break – we have a clear area of supply that fits with the weekly stack so it’s an area I am keeping my eyes on.

I know quite a few of you dislike trading this pair so do as you wish, but if we get a valid set-up you know what I’ll be doing!

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