Thursday 5th of August

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well! I’ll admit feels good to have a change in scenery and get to see friends.

That being said I’m still writing July, I’m definitely not living in August the weather is definitely not nice enough for us to be in August!

Anyway, excited to see my old roommates today!

FX Watchlist


Aussie Kiwi is on my watch, I’ll admit that when I woke up and saw it I was rather sad I thought I had missed the entry since I didn’t wake up at 3am – that being said, I didn’t!!! It actually didn’t reach the area of demand, it gave us a script entry just above that area so all is well!

Let’s wait and see if the price retraces and reaches the area of demand


I’ve changed my chart of Euro Swiss hence why I wanted to update you on it even tho I’m not convinced we’ll get an entry today.

We’ve broken through an area of demand so we have recently created a new area of supply, a counter-zone.

That being said there’s still an area of demand a little lower so let’s remain patient and keep our eyes open!


Dollar Swiss is also on my watchlist it’s got a clear area of demand below the current price action so let’s see what happens. The price is currently slowly changing trend and is showing more bullish signs however, I’ll wait until the set-up is clearly there before taking a trade on this pair.

As always let’s remain disciplined and focus 🙂

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