Tuesday 3rd of August

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Quite sad to see AUD/CAD playout without giving us a clear entry but such is life, we have to stick to our trading plan.

EUR/CHF is also slowly falling off my watchlist, the price has become rather slanted and there’s no script entry just some sideways price action

Let’s go into my watchlist and cover things I’m watching 🙂

FX Watchlist


Aussie Kiwi is on my watch, that being said it’s not close to the area of demand – so let’s be patient and see where the price action goes over the next few days


Pound Yen is interesting we’ve got both an area of supply and an area of demand so let’s be patient and neutral, we’ll only execute the trade if it provides us with a valid set-up!


Dollar Canadian is also on my watch for the next week. We have a clean area of demand below the current price action so let’s wait for it!


Dollar Swiss is a clear set-up let’s see how the price goes from here on!

That’s it for today! Stay amazing folks!

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