Friday 30th of July

Good morning folks I hope you’re well!

A little bit tired I guess going for sprints uphill with little rest in between was a stupid idea – especially seeing my max heart rate was at 214 on that workout ahah

Anyway, let’s have a look at my watchlist. I have two pairs I’m rather keen on that could give us an entry before the end of the week.

FX Watchlist


Aussie Canadian is approaching the area of demand rater clearly now, it won’t take long before it is reached at this rate, so let’s see what we get, will there be a clear reversal? I do not know, but if an opportunity is provided to me I’ll execute it.


Euro Swiss was a pair I missed on yesterday’s watchlist, so I’m adding it now.

You may even be able to spot a script entry on my chart once it reached the area of demand (the last close) and wonder why I didn’t take it – if so it’s because it’s a 12 pip stop loss which is a little to tight for me, remember EUR/GBP I ignored that rule since I was too keen to enter, got burnt so now I’m definitely sticking to this rule.

Currently in the process of updating the script as well to reflect that rule to make my life even easier 🙂

There’s quite a few pairs I’m going to have on watch for next week so I’m rather happy about that, hopefully we’ll see a few entries!

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