Thursday 29th of July

Holy S. sorry about that folks, it appears I totally forgot to do it yesterday!

Where to begin it’s been so long 🙂

I guess with a sad trade update

Trade Update


I executed Euro Pound at 7am yesterday having seen a valid script entry in the area of demand – I knew I was happy with the higher timeframe since it’s been on my watch for a while so I blindly executed.

The issue here was that the stop loss was smaller than 20 pips and I do not like taking trades with such a small stop loss, that being said, I just woke up when I took the trade so I didn’t think I just acted.

And well, yeah that wasn’t the correct move to do! Slightly annoyed at myself for that one, I think it’s due to the little amount of trades I’ve been taking recently, I wanted to see some action

FX Watchlist


While I doubt we’ll see an entry today it’s on my watch – and it’s the only one close to an entry


I’m not mentioning Euro Pound since it’s spent too long moving sideways for my trading plan and I don’t take re-entries even tho my first entry wasn’t valid sadly.

Have a good one folks!

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