Monday 26th of July

Damn this month is flying by! Can’t believe it’s nearly over! Hope you guys had a nice weekend!

I feel like I already mentioned the fact I was tagged out of my EG position for breakeven? It’s a bit sad knowing it was running 2.4% but it’s part of this industry / of my plan so I have to accept that!

However in doing so it may have created an new area of demand, let’s have a look in my watchlist!

FX Watchlist


Aussie Canadian is still slowly but surely getting closer and closer to the area of demand, let’s just be patient? It’s a rather clear counter zone so I’m quite happy with this level and the weekly offers us a gorgeous stack.


As mentioned above, Euro Pound recently broke out of its descending deceleration pattern in a rather explosive pattern once it reached our daily area of demand. We didn”t get an entry due to the stop sizing. (It would’ve been a BE had we taken it anyway – and that would’ve been an error of commission rather than an error of omission and we know which ones hurt us the most)

I’m also still not the biggest fan of the higher timeframes, in order to make the monthly work we need to use a zone that’s already broke.


It’s still on my watch yep 🙂 Is anyone surprised? IF YOU ARE YOU’RE CLEARLY NOT READING MY WATCHLIST OFTEN ENOUGH 🙂

One day maybe it’ll reach the area of demand I’m waiting for 🙂 The daily timeframe is just that clear to me


I’m mentioning USD/JPY since we are quite close to the area of supply we recently created, it looks like the momentum is bearish at the moment but we never know 🙂


Dollar Singapore is in an interesting spot, it’s probably over extended to the upside and the DXY looks like it ants to reverse, so all in all I’m expecting a potential short play.

That being said, we currently haven’t broken the asending trendline, so we do not have any areas of supply, to create one we’ll need a clearly bearish day today.

The issue with that is that I also have an area of demand quite close (a counter zone) so that’s going to be intriguing let’s see how it plays out!

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