Friday 23rd of July

Good morning folks!

Coming in with the more or less sad news straight in, EUR/GBP has reached my breakeven spot and I’ve been taken out

That being said, it’s okay, it’s absolutely part of my strategy and it will happen quite a few times, I just have to be okay with that.

We ran up to 2.4% before seeing the reversal

Oh well, let’s stay on track and move forward

FX Watchlist


I swear I’m going to stop mentioning this pair and maybe it’ll enable us to actually get to see some price action, ever since it’s been on my watch we’ve seen little to no volatility ahah

I would mention USD Singapore as well however there’s no higher time frame stack so I’m just watching it to adjust my zones

Aussie Cad could also potentially be on my watch but it’s still too far away from the zone, we were more likely to see it play out yesterday

That’s it folks

The joys of swing trading – waiting and waiting for your next trade

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