Wednesday 21st of July

Good morning folks! Hope you’re well!

Just back from a bike ride, hence why this is posted a little later than usual, realised it’s better to get my sport done early in the day at the moment, I wonder why #summer 🙂

Anyway, we saw quite a lot of movement yesterday however I didn’t execute any trades

AUD/JPY gave a script but there had been 24hours of side ways price action so I didn’t pull the trigger

CAD/JPY offered the exact same problem & a stop that was bigger than 100 pips

Anway, let’s tlak about my watch for today

FX Watchlist


Euro Aussie has been moving sideways inside the area of supply, but let’s see what happens if it goes a bit higher to get fresh orders


Euro Dollar remains on my watch, we are slowly but surely approaching the area of demand! Let’s be patient folks

That’s it for today folks!

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